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What is Influence Marketing? With the increase in the number of users on social networks and with the growing importance da communicatingtion through thises channelsI'm sure you've heard of the word the word " i nfluencer" (or " i nfluencer " in English). But what exactly is an influencer and how can este be part [...]
What are the main Google Analytics metrics? You have a website set up, but don't know what metrics to track in Google Analytics? In this article we will share with you the most important metrics for analyzing your website's performance. Whether it's to improve your conversion rate, increase traffic, or improve the user experience, these [...]
What is the Marketing Funnel? The marketing funnel is used to visualize the steps that a customer goes through, from the initial awareness phase to the final conversion phase, (in wich they purchase a product/service). This process is visualized through a funnel because the number of people that advances through each stage becomes smaller and [...]
How to create a social media strategy? Is it worth spending a lot of time creating a social media strategy? Most people would probably say no. The high percentage of the population posting content on social media on a daily basis has created the false idea that managing social media is easy and does not [...]
SEO: What is it and how important is it? According to according to statistics from Google Trends, dsince 2014, interest in the term"SEO" has been increasing at a steady pace. . This results from the growing need of companies to hire professionals in the field of Digital Marketing. While there are a variety of positions [...]