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The role of Google Analytics in conversion Several tools are essential when defining and implementing a communication strategy, with a view to achieving results with the target audience. More effective and efficient methods facilitate this process, identify opportunities and reduce the margin for error. One example that optimizes a company's digital strategy is the Google [...]
PESTEL analysis in a business context Designing a brand always takes different components into account. An analysis is made of the sector in which it operates, all competing companies are identified, and communication plans are created to anchor its actions towards the consumer. The truth is that there is a fundamental aspect that is sometimes [...]
Defining a brand's identity Brands are real assets in a competitive market that seeks to capture the attention of consumers. All stakeholders involved in a company play a major role in building its identity. In line with their strategy and objectives, this is one of the great pillars of companies, which positions them and reinforces [...]
Consumer buying behavior Responding to the growing needs of consumers is one of the main challenges facing brands today. The consumer represents the public that the brand wants to reach, becoming its reference, so its visibility in the market is intrinsic to itself. By understanding how they behave, you can define the best strategies and [...]
The application of the agile model in marketing In an ever-changing market, with new concepts and techniques emerging in response to consumer needs, marketing marketing seek to work more effectively and productively on a daily basis.. One of the methodologies increasingly used by companies in this regard is the agile . What is the agile [...]
Storytelling: the art of telling stories More than ever we live in an era where is not enough to have relevant ideas, it is necessary to implement this relevance in the market as a way for brands to stand out. We are storytellers, and no matter how much information we get on a daily basis [...]
SWOT analysis applied to business management Every day we are exposed to moments that involve a choice, sometimes a quick one, and which influences our path in the short and, above all, in the long term. A real challenge, which brands must also respond to. Between interests, goals or the current (and future) stage they [...]
The use of the sales funnel in brand strategy In an increasingly digital society, the process of buying a product and/or service takes into account several factors, strategically thought by brands as a way to lead the consumer to them. These factors translate into moments, into steps that bring the consumer closer and closer to [...]
The marketing-mix concept The world is constantly changing. With the internet, the experience and (the) consumer himself have changed, exposed daily to different stimuli at any and every moment. In an era where human attention increasingly retains only what captures it in a split second, the visibility of products and/or services has become a real [...]
The impact of artificial intelligence on marketing More and more we hear about artificial intelligence and its growing impact on different aspects of our lives. Inevitably, the development of professional areas is one of them where, of course, the marketing is no exception. What is artificial intelligence? A concept that is increasingly common in our [...]