The application of the agile model in marketing

The application of the agile model in marketing

In an ever-changing market, with new concepts and techniques emerging in response to consumer needs, marketing
seek to work more effectively and productively on a daily basis.. One of the methodologies increasingly used by companies in this regard is the

What is the agile model?

A working method that seeks to manage the productivity of professionals more effectively and efficiently, using shorter and more objective processes in the development of tasks, in order to avoid losses of that same productivity. By creating faster and simpler workflows, the strategic and implementation process becomes more intuitive and the outputs produced have a better and higher quality.

All methods are based on pillars and this one is no exception: grounded learning; collaborative working models; personalized and interactive campaigns; fostering customer curiosity; flexible planning; responding to change and setting short, medium and long-term goals.

The advantages

In practice, when using the agile model, there are many benefits for project management within a company:

  • Cost reduction: optimization of resources, with less spending on campaigns that in practice do not prove to be strategic, as well as still obsolete processes in the implementation of tasks. This allows professionals to focus and dedicate themselves to the
    core business
    of the company;
  • Better
    : greater monitoring of projects and procedures taking place between teams, allowing us to understand what stage they are at, the difficulties, the main challenges and where they stand out;
  • Communication between teams: the indispensable link in any company, even more so when the branch is precisely linked to communication. Transparency in information exchange has gained even more relevance through this methodology;
  • Increased productivity: more specific and segmented tasks allow professionals to better manage their schedules, getting to more projects and improving

In conclusion

Companies that adopt the
in their business are able to discover new opportunities in the market, making a difference in their sector. Thinking focused on productivity, change, and sustained growth makes the company and its professionals more capable of new knowledge and prepared to anticipate and respond to crisis situations. If this term has left you with some doubts and you are looking to understand how we can implement it in your teams, do not hesitate to contact us. Talk to us using the form below!

Source: HubSpot