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SWOT analysis applied to business management Every day we are exposed to moments that involve a choice, sometimes a quick one, and which influences our path in the short and, above all, in the long term. A real challenge, which brands must also respond to. Between interests, goals or the current (and future) stage they [...]
The use of the sales funnel in brand strategy In an increasingly digital society, the process of buying a product and/or service takes into account several factors, strategically thought by brands as a way to lead the consumer to them. These factors translate into moments, into steps that bring the consumer closer and closer to [...]
The marketing-mix concept The world is constantly changing. With the internet, the experience and (the) consumer himself have changed, exposed daily to different stimuli at any and every moment. In an era where human attention increasingly retains only what captures it in a split second, the visibility of products and/or services has become a real [...]