The role of Google Analytics in conversion

The role of Google Analytics in conversion

Several tools are essential when defining and implementing a communication strategy, with a view to achieving results with the target audience. More effective and efficient methods facilitate this process, identify opportunities and reduce the margin for error. One example that optimizes a company’s digital strategy is the Google Analytics.

What is Google Analytics?

A (free) GoogleGservicecriado para monitorizar e analisar diferentes dados, sob diferentes perspetivas. Ao ter acesso aos outputs das principais métricas utilizadas em campanhas digitais, as marcas conseguem avaliar o desempenho do tráfego dos seus websitesand adjust these same metrics.

The benefits

By generating a large amount of different data,the main conclusion thatmarketeerscan draw is the perception of the performance of the actions implemented.

There are no fixed rules in analysis, not least because consumer behavior is increasingly volatile. Different information is evaluated in different ways depending on the objectives and phases of the market.

By actively contributing to the effectiveness of a campaign, theGoogle Analyticsfocuses above all on the conversion of a brand: what is or isn’t working, what needs to be changed/improved, the opportunities to be exploited, where the company’s return is.

In conclusion

This is a solution that, in the short and long term, leads to even more strategic decision-making, regardless of the sector or size of the companies. Whether in a ecommerceThe collection and presentation of data (which is easy to interpret) seeks to reflect the company’s objectives. How to install Google Analytics? How do you analyze the reports you generate? We can help! Talk to us using the form below.

Source: HubSpot