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What are the main Google Analytics metrics? You have a website set up, but don't know what metrics to track in Google Analytics? In this article we will share with you the most important metrics for analyzing your website's performance. Whether it's to improve your conversion rate, increase traffic, or improve the user experience, these [...]
Color Psychology in Marketing Have you heard of color psychology? Did you know that the meaning of colors can influence your customers' decisions? The truth is that colors can stimulate, guide and help you win over your target audience. The study of colors is a very important topic in the field of design but also [...]
What is the Marketing Funnel? The marketing funnel is used to visualize the steps that a customer goes through, from the initial awareness phase to the final conversion phase, (in wich they purchase a product/service). This process is visualized through a funnel because the number of people that advances through each stage becomes smaller and [...]