The impact of artificial intelligence on marketing

The impact of artificial intelligence on marketing

More and more we hear about artificial intelligence and its growing impact on different aspects of our lives. Inevitably, the development of professional areas is one of them where, of course, the
is no exception.

What is artificial intelligence?

A concept that is increasingly common in our vocabulary, but still raises several questions. Strictly speaking, artificial intelligence is “a branch of computer science devoted to the research and creation of
with the aim of producing results similar to those produced by human intelligence.” (, 2023).

Application to marketing

For a specialist in
specialist can work on the positioning of a brand in the digital sphere, he must know the potential of this technology, applied to the area.

  • Analytics: Any communication action, as well as product development, business expansion or crisis forecasting is based on data analysis. Through the
    it is possible to test hypotheses using A/B tests (they compare variables, defining the one that generates the best results);
  • Automation: Widely used in
    such as
    landing pages
    allows to personalize the communication made between a company and its database. This is segmented in a humanized way, as if it were one-to-one;
  • Consumer journey: Artificial intelligence identifies the customer’s points of interest, their needs, where they are in the sales funnel, with the ultimate goal of building loyalty to a brand.

In conclusion

Many aspects of artificial intelligence remain to be explored. This technology is increasingly present in our daily lives and the relationship with the marketing is inevitable. By understanding it, the professional in this area can optimize their actions, which translates into more and better results. If you want to know more about this topic and are looking for help in its implementation, do not hesitate to contact us. Talk to us using the form below!

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