Complete Guide to Outbound Marketing

Is Outbound Marketing an outdated tool?

Marketing is a creative and innovative field and new tools emerge quickly. Outbound has its own purpose and, if worked properly, this can be a very useful tactic for your company.

What is Outbound Marketing?

Simply put, Outbound Marketing is a strategy with a more traditional advertising approach: it takes the company to prospects through direct communication, reminding potential customers of their needs and wants.

In the past, Outbound Marketing was considered as an uncertain strategy, with large investment and results difficult to calculate, being put into practice through telemarketing, flyers or television and radio ads, for example. However, the internet has made it possible to explore other digital media that can be targeted, helping Outbound Marketing to regain its relevance.

The importance of Outbound in the internet age

Online presence has revolutionized marketing: inbound has emerged and outbound is now able to measure its numbers, based on statistics and the so-called ROI (Return over Investment).Social networks have become a precious help in defining the ideal customer profile and, with a controlled investment in Facebook, Youtube or other social media channels. Google Ads, it is possible to reach the intended audience.

From the moment the company decides to enter the prospecting process, Outbond marketing is already doing its job and is able to produce results in a short time, providing returns in a very fast way. On the other hand, prospecting can be done on various channels such as billboards, flyers, social networks, among other means and with the data from online actions, it is possible to generate a sales funnel that, consequently, increases conversion rates.

The digital environment broadens the scope of tactics that can be used in the Outbound Marketing strategy: these can be put into practice through ads on social networks, ads on partner websites or even ChatBots, customer help tools incorporated into websites.

Main differences between Inbound and Outbound Marketing

The main objective of Inbound Marketing is to make the customer reach the product through relevant content about it and thus arouse their interest. Dialogue is established with the customer, to understand their needs and offer them the best solution, while Outbound Marketing applies traditional tactics of physical or digital campaigns. Thus, in the latter, it is the company reaching the customer, where there may be a higher cost of customer acquisition but also a faster return on investment. These two types of strategies are quite distinct, yet they can and should be complementary.


Outbound marketing can bring numerous benefits to your business. In addition to a reduction in the sales cycle and funnel, you can achieve a higher conversion rate and consequent return on investment that can be superior to Inbound Marketing methods. Both should therefore feature and complement each other as tactics in your marketing strategy.

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